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Grooved Ware Pottery


An assemblage of 53 sherds of Grooved Ware pottery was placed within a small pit or shallow scoop excavated through the palaeochannel deposits, probably during the Late Neolithic, sometime after the wooden platform was in use. A radiocarbon result from a burnt residue adhering to one of the sherds has provided a date of 2880-2610 cal BC.


More than one vessel was represented, the sherds either came from the base all wall of the vessels and many of them were decorated with horizontal, incised lines. The fact that the rim sherds were not present suggests that the sherds had been care fully selected and that the rims may have been taken away for deposition at another place within the landscape. Pottery of this type is regionally rare, but, nationally, an association has often been noted between the occurrence of Grooved Ware and monuments such as henges. This maybe significant for Stainton West, given the nearby complex of monuments on the river terraces to the north